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Feb 9, 2001 09:23 AM

Fresh Sturgeon served where?

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I was fortunate enough to taste my friend's fresh Columbia River Sturgeon dish at Esca last nite. The fish was served in a mild mustard sauce and stacked on top of fingerling potatos. I remember trying Sturgeon once before in Portland, Oregon but had forgotten what great taste and texture this flesh-like fish has.

I cant remember seeing this species offered on many menus here in nyc. Why is this the case? Who does offer it?

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  1. I ate at the Firebird (fancy Russian, 46th and 9th) last night and they have a sturgeon dish, although none of us had it. We had a venison special, which was excellent, borsht as an entree with duck, pork and beef (whoever was asking about where to find good borsht and feels like spending 28 bucks for soup should definitely go get it), and the shashlik which was delicious although not really Caucasian shashlik at all. Also the zakuska platter (mixed appetizers) with great buckwheat blini, eggplant caviar, beet caviar georgian style with walnuts, salmon kulebiaka, etc.

    I was very pleased - esp. since I went for lunch during restaurant week and was disappointed. I think I'll skip restaurant week next time - it gives a false impression of a place most of the time, I find.

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      I had excellent sturgeon (for the first time) at Prune, but that was last season and their menu changes quickly.

    2. Danube often has fresh sturgeon on their menu...I have had it several times there, although not recently. Needless to say, it was fantastic, like most everything they do there.