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Feb 1, 2001 03:41 PM

cheese shops

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My office is in midtown (51st and 7th) and I need to find a good cheese shop. I usually frequent Murray's, but it's now too far away. Any suggestions?

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  1. Murray's is great, but you're right about the distance from 51st and Seventh. There's a cheese shop on Ninth Ave and the 40's, but it's not very adverturous. Then there's The Ideal Cheese Shop, 942 1st Ave (near 51st, I believe) (212) 688-7579, often mentioned as a good cheese source. But I've never been and can't vouch for it. Then, there's Fairway's on 75th and B'way, and Zabars on 80th and B'way. But they're almost as far away as Murray's.

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      If you are a subway-ridin' man, Murray's is actually pretty close -- walk to 6th Avenue, hop on the BDQ, and bam . . . you're there in less than 10 minutes, which is much more convenient than schlepping across town to Ideal.

      I usually rehearse this scenario when trying to talk friends into going from midtown to Pearl for lunch, but the pull of a properly ripened vacherin is almost as strong as that of a perfectly fried mollusc.

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      Eddie Bennet

      As a cheese fanatic I have to strongly recomend Fairway at 74th and Broadway. It is a bit out of your way but absolutely worth it. They have one of the best selections of cheeses in the city and carry many hard to get and unusual cheeses. The other key fact about Fairway is that they are very careful about ageing the cheeses they receive and will not put out a cheese which has not been properly aged. Ideal Cheese at 52nd and First is good but over rated. The breadth of their selection is not as vast as Fairway and I have bought cheese from them that was not properly aged (most recently an underaged Vacherin Mont d'Or, which should be a criminal offense). Also, watch for a springtime opening of Terrance Brennan's Artisanal Restaurant in the old An American Place space on 32nd Street off of Park. He intends to serve and sell for retail, 200 varieties of cheese.