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Jan 31, 2001 05:29 PM


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Can anyone tell me where I can get a really good cup of coffee either on the east side or upper west side? Please no Starbucks.

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  1. Oren's, upper east side. There are two: one's on Lex at 79th (NW corner); the second's on 82nd and 1st (SE corner). These are to-go places.

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    1. re: Diane
      Chris Armstrong

      I've had numerous cups of burnt, stale coffee at several Oren's locations. They're a bit overrated.

      But I found terrific coffee at Caffe Bacio on 72nd St and 3rd Avenue. Fresh, complex, and strong (but lively).


    2. Did you want the Upper East or just the East side? I love the coffee at Open Pantry, on 2nd ave. between 11th and 12th st. The French Roast is great, but my personal favorite is (purists will shudder) pumpkin spice. Try it before you say yuck. -Julies