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Jan 20, 2001 06:36 PM

Fudgetown cookies

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I am looking for fudgetown cookies made by Berry Bisquit Company. Please e-mail me with any results. Thank you.

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  1. Were they in a brown box with a cowboy on the front?

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    1. re: Amy

      i'm not sure about the box.
      inside the box are 6 bags. each containing 6 cookies . the cookies were in the shape of a daisy and had a hole cut out of the middle. inside the cookie
      is fudge. i love these cookies and would like to know if they are still around and where i could buy them

      1. re: kathy

        I liked them too. They were much more satisfying to eat the fillings out of than Oreos! They were made by Keebler. I checked out Hometown Favorites, but they have them listed in their category called, "They were good but..." So they're gone. pat

    2. SIGH. I fear they dont make Fudgetown Cookies anymore...definitely now a wisp of childhood memory....(I remember the cowboy fondly). However, there is a Canadian Company called DARE that makes something pretty close. Bright purple package, $1.99 at Fairway on 74th and Broadway. Cant remember the exact name, but you will recognize them. Same shape and they even have the little hole in the middle (only on 1 side) where the filling pokes thru. Good luck!

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      1. re: bellrock

        You are correct, bellrock. I found the cookies you described. They are called - very simply - Chocolate Fudge Cookies and the company is called DARE Foods (Kitchener, Ontario - Canada). I found them quite by accident last night in the cookie aisle at Publix Supermarket (a chain of grocery stores in Florida). In a dark purple package. They were down a ways from the "regular" cookies. Down with the "specialty" cookies (Pepperidge Farm, etc.). I couldn't believe my eyes! I almost squealed with excitement right there in the store! I barely made it to my car before tearing into them and I thought they tasted JUST like my beloved Fudgetowns. One of the side cookies even has the familiar hole in the center with the glop of fudge sticking out. If there's a difference, I can't taste it. Oh, Happy Day!!!!!

        1. re: erdmando1

          OMG I soooooo loved these cookies. There was nothing better!!! I look for them all the time. The best part was sticking your finger thru the hole. I have tried others but they don't come close. I did't know they were made in Jersey. One more Jerseylouish thing we can be proud of.

      2. My brother and I are always wondering about Fudgetown cookies. With any luck, we'll see them make a comeback...

        1. Where's the cookies???