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Jan 18, 2001 09:26 AM


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I cannot find a restaurant/cafe that makes a decent omelet. They always come out too rubbery and hard. It also seems the more fillings you include add to their tasting like a heavy pancake. I've tried many popular brunch places but the last decent one I had was at Mme. Romaine De Lyon on East 61st Street (who specializes in omelettes) and that was years ago!

Any suggestions? Thanks, Ruby

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    Susan O'Grady

    I don't know if this will be useful, but we stayed at the Embassy Suites downtown this past weekend. The hotel offers a great buffet breakfast with an omelet station, and I had omelets both mornings. I usually don't like omelets much, but these were terrific!
    I THINK you can eat there even if you aren't a guest....SO

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      yvonne johnson

      This was a while back, but I had a decent omelette at Home (20 cornelia st, 243-9579) for brunch. I must admit though that I prefer home (my home!) cooked ones, as they need to be eaten immediately, and just the walk from kitchen to your table is sometimes too long. Hey, maybe it was good at "home" (the restaurant) bec it's such a small place, so short walk from pan to you!

      1. re: yvonne johnson
        Barrie Covington

        I had an excellent omelette at Elephant & Castle (68 Greenwich Ave). Although their other food is supposed to be only so-so, this was a great, fluffy omelette with spinach and bacon. Nice, fresh ingredients, and it didn't taste like it was done on a grill, absorbing a million other flavors that didn't belong.

        You might also try the Belgian restaurant - Le Petit Abeille (I think there's one on Hudson and one on 14th Street) - they purportedly have good egg dishes there.