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Jan 13, 2001 06:37 PM

Chicago Hot Dogs

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I remember eating these hot dogs in Chicago. One of the toppings are "sport peppers".

Can someone tell me what is a sport pepper? I'm sure it must have another name that I can find locally.


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  1. A sport pepper is a pickeld serrano pepper. The problem
    in New York is that they're not sold pickled in vinegar the way they are in Chicago. You can probably find them in Mexican markets, but preserved in seasoned oil, like jalapenos in escabeche

    I lived in Chicago for many years, and good luck trying to find a Vienna Red Hot with sport peppers anywhere near here. Or Italian beef, for that matter.

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      Thanks for the reply.

      Now if I can just figure out the difference in the bright green relish they use on Chicago hot dogs and the relish I can buy at the local grocery.