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Jan 7, 2001 03:06 AM

Where in NYC can you buy Irish meats (bangers, rashers, B&W pudding)?

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Is there any butcher shop or grocery store in the five boroughs where you can buy such Irish breakfast staples as bangers (breakfast sausage), rashers (lean Irish bacon), black pudding (sausage made of pig's blood mixed with oats, salt, onions and spices), or white pudding (similar to black, but using minced liver intead of blood)? How about fresh baked Irish brown bread? I have eaten such things in NYC restaurants before, so it must be available somewhere in the city for the general public to purchase. I would suspect Woodside, Rockaway, or the north Bronx as some of the more likely locations for such a place, but unfortunately I don't have enough spare time to scout all of these neighborhoods.

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  1. Though not Irish, there is a wonderful little British butcher in the Village that carries many of the items you mention and also the best Cumberland sausages in America. Myers of Keswick's phone is (212) 691-4194. I don't have their address with me at the moment.

    You also might want to contact a company called Irish Tea Sales. They are a wholesaler, but they could steer you to some of their customers who are likely to sell what you seek. Irish Tea Sales phone is (718) 845-4402.

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      Myers of Kenswick is on Hudson, between Jane and Horatio.

    2. In Bayrigde, Bk there is a Norwegian store called Meelander and Mulgenson (sp?) on 5th avenue and 77th street that sells Irish imports as well as Norwegian and some Swedish imports. Try calling them for info on exact items.

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        MM, the name of that place you recommended is "Mejlander & Mulgannon", phone (718) 238-6666. I paid them a visit, and indeed they carry everything I was looking for. Thanks for the tip!

      2. I am 99% sure that The Butcher's Block (queens boulevard between 41st and 42nd streets in Sunnyside) carries everything you're looking for, and if they don't, try 61st Street Deli in Woodside, a short jaunt from the 61st Street 7 stop. Almost every deli in Sunnyside and Woodside carries Irish products, so a stroll down Queens Boulevard between 41st and 61st streets, I am sure would yield you your cravings.

        1. Ben's, a butcher on W. 231 St. (right next to B'way) in Kingsbridge in the Bronx, has bangers and prob. Irish bacon -- maybe some of the other items, too. (Btw, they have the best ground round, too, and free soup bones on Fri., if you ask). The greasy spoon diagonally across B'way (Four/Five Star?) has Irish breakfast for the rip-off price of six or seven bucks, if you're feeling desperate. There's also a Bronx bakery (can't recall the name) that specializes in Irish stuff and prob. has brown bread. Their scones are frequently in supermarkets, so maybe you'll find their bread, too. I still can't believe people come from Ireland to live in the Bronx...

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            i live in Bayside - would the butcher's block be the closest irish store to me?
            anyone know of anything closer to Bayside?


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              I hope that was a joke about why Irish people would live in the Bronx, the Woodlawn section of the Bronx is one of the cities nicest neighborhoods and has had a huge Irish community for decades. If you want Irish products go to Prime Cuts Butcher Shop on Katonah Ave. They make or import everything mentioned in the OP. Also, all the delis/markets sell imported Irish products.

            2. The original comment has been removed