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Jan 6, 2001 08:11 AM

Black Forest Cake

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I used to love this rich fruity cake made with whole cherries and lots of cream, chocolate and kirsch (cherry brandy). It was very popular at one time and easily gotten in Yorkville on East 86th Street before it turned into a shopping mall.

Has anyone had good black forest cake lately and where? I don't bake so recipes are lost on me. Thanks.

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  1. Fond memories of classic Black Forest cake from my childhood. It's not a classic BF (missing the cream and kirsch), but Black Hound on Second Ave. and 10th St. has a dark chocolate layer cake filled with excellent plump whole cherries that they can themselves. You could serve it with some kirsch-spiked whipped cream...

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      Thanks! This Chowhound is on her way to Black Hound! :)