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Jan 2, 2001 05:04 PM


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Now that everyone's goose been cooked and eaten, I would like to have some addresses, maybe farms that raise geese, that would sell raw goose fat when they slaughter. Anywhere on the east coast or New England.

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  1. Hi, Peter!

    Quattro Farms (which appears in the Union Square Greenmarket here in Manhattan every Saturday) does geese and would probably be able to get you goose fat. They are on Route 44 in Pleasant Valley, NY 12569 1-914-635-8202. I think their geese run about 3.95/lb.

    Last time I was in the store, Balducci's (the original store, on Sixth Avenue at 9th Street) was selling goose fat in pint tubs. 212-673-2600, ext. 3418 (butcher)

    Good luck!

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      Dan Silverman

      Try Dean and Deluca, Balducci's, Jefferson Market, Citerella and Fairway. If that doesn't work contact D'Artagnan.

      1. I just went on this quest. Ottomanelli meat market on Bleecker seemed to be the cheapest and you could buy pints (5.99, i think). D'artagnan only sells it in 7 oz. containers as far as i could tell and it was around $7.

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          Funny--I just copped a 25.7-ounce can of Edouard Artzner Goose Fat at Balducci's today for $7.99. For more on my beleaguering Balducci's visit, see my post under "Manhattan."

          1. re: Tom Steele

            Roast yer own Goose! You'll have a great meal and about 2 Quarts of the good stuff to salt away in your freezer! Terrific recipe - Nov/Dec 94 Cooks Illustrated Mag. I've done it about 4 times now and the results are always excellent.