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Dec 31, 2000 02:36 PM

Are there any good Italian restaurants in Little Italy?

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Since I live in Chinatown, I walk past Mulberry St. on a daily basis - seeing all the tourists filling up on what seems like bad Italian food. Am I wrong? Are there any restaurants on Mulberry St. that people would recommend? I am regularly asked the question by others, but I still haven't come up with an answer. Guess I could just try them all one by one, but I'm not sure the experience would be all that pleasant.


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  1. Da Nico,164 Mulberry St. is one of the few I have found to be worth trying. Wood burning stove- most of the pizza's and roasted items (coming from the stove) are the best to try. I was not impressed with the pasta's and I think there was a brief review in the times that concured.

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      I agree. . .Da Nico is very nice, and moderately priced. I was walking with a friend on Mulberry, on the same mission (to find a good place, by accident) and I was intrigued by the promise of garden dining in the back. Never settle for eating indoors, especially in springtime. The garden is absolutely enchanting, and adds to the menu (I liked the ravioli) without adding to the price.

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        Michele Cindy

        I second the SPQR recommendation. The lunch special is arally good deal. You get entree and desert, or an entree and an appetizer for 10.00. My favorite appetizer is the Mozzarella en carroza. Their's is a very crunchy breading and the cheese has good flavor, not too bland the way cheap mozz. can be. For entrees, the lasagne is excellent. But don't order both of the above at the same time as I have, you will swear off cheese for a month.

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          I would rather DIE than swear off cheese for a month. And I mean it!

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        Da Nico has good pizza and big portions of everything. The service is erratic. What they do have is one of the nicest outdoor cafes in the city. You go out through the dining room-must be about 20 tables, well spaced. Last summer we sat next table to Giuliani, which may or may not be a plus, depending on your politics, I guess.

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        Jeremy Osner

        Since you're nearby, I'd recommend Rocky's, on Mulberry and Spring. Not worth going out of your way for but I've enjoyed their heroes. Also there's a place on Mulberry between Broome and Grand where I had a nice dinner a year or two ago -- forget the name but it's recognizable by the bright green color they've painted the ironwork in front of the building.

        1. When I'm on jury duty, I stop in for the $9.95 lunch at SPQR, 133 Mulberry Street. (The price may now be higher.) This large airy restaurant is part of the Sal Anthony set including Lanza's on First Avenue. The SPQR lunch is a very good value and includes either appetizer & main or main & dessert. One is not limited to just pasta - they have decent salmon and other dishes and the assorted antipasto table is part of the appetizer if that's what you choose.

          That would be my recommendation for people who ask for a suggestion who want to eat in Little Italy. In warmer weather, they set up tables outside like other restaurants in the area.