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Dec 27, 2000 04:09 PM

FRESH corn tortillas

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Does anyone know where I can get really fresh corn tortillas? Even the kinds I get at Mexican bodegas split when I fold them. Oh the disgust and frustration! I got a tortilla press for Christmas and will be trying to make my own, but it'll take me a while to learn. (Please pardon if this issue has already been discussed.) Any leads?

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  1. If you warm the tortilla in a fairly hot skillet (no oil) before you fold it, it shouldn't break. I am addicted to skillet-heated corn tortillas. I often add a couple shreds of cheddar cheese and/or a few drops of hot sauce, roll them up and eat them right out of the pan. Are even the freshest corn tortillas, once they have lost the heat of the press, pliable? The few times I've bought tortillas from a tortilleria none remained around long enough to get cold.

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      Yes, I've tried re-heating corn tortillas -- works especially well if you dampen the tortilla a bit first. But they're still not as blissfully soft as fresh. It's the absense of evil vs. the presence of good, you know?

      I like to make fish tacos with corn tortillas -- grill fresh trout, stuff in tortilla with fresh-made salsa (canned tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, cilantro -- blended together), shredded cabbage, and lime. Ah, a happy summer memory on a blustery winter day!

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        Lost in my fish taco daydream, I forgot to answer your question. Yes, cold but fresh corn tortillas do retain their pliancy. My Tex-Mex mother raised me to never refrigerate fresh corn tortillas until they've been around for a few days. I wonder if refrigerating them is part of what turns them into cardboard.

        And now I am embarrassed for having posted on corn tortillas three times. Four if you count the post in the Salt Lake thread on the elsewhere board.