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Dec 26, 2000 06:46 PM

Individual Beef Wellington

  • k

Where can I find a "great" reliable mail order that can ship Beef Wellingtons to me before New Years Eve???


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  1. Hi, Kathy! will send (for $170) an entire tenderloin rendered Wellington, and last time I tried it from the store (2 years ago), it was quite good.

    But the current (January) issue of FINE COOKING has an excellent recipe for individual Beef Wellingtons. The clever part of the recipe--which guarantees rare beef and perfectly baked puff pastry--is to freeze the indy Wellingtons overnight. I actually made these for Christmas dinner, and we were quite pleased. It IS laborious--or rather, time consuming. It took me several hours on Christmas Eve day. But it was worth it!

    Bon app├ętit!