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Dec 18, 2000 09:54 AM

christmas pudding

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Hi, does anyone have a recipe or hints on how to make this treat?

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    yvonne johnson

    try cookery books by Delia Smith, Jane Grigson or Sue Lawrence. And you need the lard, that is, the animal fat, as well as the good fruit! If you do a search on netscape or similar you'll probably come up with basic recipe. (If really lazy, try Myers of Keswick/Tea and Sympathy/good grocer for ready made one.)

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      Although this reply is post Xmas, a good pudding needs to mature for at least 6 months. The one that we ate this year was almost 3 years old.

      Puddings should evolve from a base recipe to suit your own tastes. Some of the best recipes are to be found in The Constance Spry Cookbook, an English classic from the early 60s (I think), and Robert Carrier has an excellent version.

      The suet IS essential. I also lean towards those which have a blend of stout and brandy, have a good quantity of almonds, and plenty of peel. I also prefer them in a pudding basin rather than wrapped as a ball in cloth. Once steamed, I wrap them tightly and put them at the back of the fridge -- feed them a tablespoon of brandy every month or so during the first year and then every few months after that.

      They are an acquired taste -- I grew up on them in Australia, but NYC friends who join us for Xmas dinners all love 'em, and the kids devour them.

      Creme anglais is preferable to hard sauce, in my opinion.