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Dec 15, 2000 01:55 PM

Egg Farm Dairy Downhill??

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I think I've gleaned from some of the postings here that Egg Farm Dairy has lost its touch w/ regard to cheese. I was thinking of ordering a bunch of stuff for distribution as gifts... A) Is this true about the cheese and B) have the problems affected the ice cream?

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  1. On my one visit about two months ago, I thought the cheeses were fine. I also bought some strawberry rhubarb sorbet, which was excellent. The loser was the chocolate ice cream, which had a very intense flavor, but a strange grainy/powdery texture. Unfortunately, I can't comment on the trend over time.

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      Dr. Julius Kelp

      I regret to say I've noticed a serious decline over the years. For a while, after they eliminated most of the bought cheeses and began almost exclusively making their own, the quality was superb. Lately,however, the I've found the cheeses lacking in both flavor and consistency. A product of increased volume?

    2. I had my first taste of Egg Farm Dairy cheese a couple of weeks ago at the Morrell Wine Bar at Rockefeller Center. They offer a cheese plate with a variety of Egg Farm Cheeses. I have to say that I was totaly dissapointed. Perhaps it was the way the restaurant cared for the cheese, but in my opinion there are far better domestic cheeses than Egg Farm Dairy.