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Dec 14, 2000 04:21 PM

Booberry cereal

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Anyone know of a supermarket who stocks this blue delicacy ?

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  1. Booberry was a childhood favorite .

    I think the only monster cereals left from General Mills are Count Chocula and Frankenberry, although Frankenberry is avalaible only in very limited quantities.

    Do you remember Fruit Brute (wolfman) and Fruity Yummy Mummy?

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    1. re: Jason Perlow

      They still make it, I know of 3 supermarkets in the Boston area that stock it. My stash is dry and I'm jonsin for a fix.

      1. re: stevek

        I live in the boston area and would love to buy my boyfriend this cereal (it was his childhood favorite) as a christmas present. Would you mind telling me which 3 grocery stores stock it?

    2. you can order booberry (4 boxes = smallest order $18.66) from general mills online! check out you can also order other hard to find gm items.

      1. I only ever see it around Halloween, and then only at Target in the holiday section (not the regular cereal aisle). Online is probably your best bet.

        1. I ordered some online last year, and the very next day I came across it at a Grocery Outlet store. Luckily, I was able to cancel my online order before they shipped it.