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Dec 12, 2000 11:55 AM

She-crab soup and cheap soul food

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Hi. I was wondering if you know of places in the 5 boroughs (or surrounding areas) to find she-crab soup? I love it from Charleston (my family used to make it) and I wanted to introduce it to a friend here.

I am also looking for inexpensive but good soul food restaurants in the city. I refuse to pay $5 for hush puppies! Looking for authentic good food and sweet tea.


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  1. The Oyster Bar at Grand Central has She Crab Soup.I used to get it for take out at lunch, but they didn't have it everyday. Call to make sure.

    1. I believe Gage and Tollner on Fulton St. in Downtown Brooklyn still offers Edna Lewis's She Crab soup, as well as a number of her other southern dishes, though she is no longer chef there and there has been a change of ownership.
      The soup used to be just wonderful, as were the crabcakes and blackberry cobbler, and prices were reasonable for the food and old NY, gaslight ambience. But Ive not been for a few years. Can anyone comment on how G&T stacks up currently?