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Dec 12, 2000 10:26 AM

Searching for pomegranate juice

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Hi -

Anyone know of a place in Manhattan where I might be able to buy pomegranate juice? I'm not even sure if there is a particular cuisine that this would be considered a staple of.

Many thanks.

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  1. Pomegranates are often used in Middle Eastern cooking. I have seen pomegranate molasses at Dean & DeLuca. Not sure if they have juice. You could also try Adriana's Caravan which has a branch in the Grand Central Market and I think has a main store on the Upper East Side somewhere.

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      You should be able to get pomegranate syrup/juice in most Middle Eastern markets. I think it's usually with the rosewater, orange flower water, etc. I'm familiar with it as a component of Persian cooking.

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        I would check the middle eastern or indian stores, like Kalyustan on Lex, Nader (persian) on 28th St just east of 5th,or Sahadi in Brooklyn. Turkish-owned stores (like the Amish Markets) likely carry pomegranate juice too . It may be in those plastic-coated boxes on a shelf, rather than in the refrigerator case. Pomegranate molasses is a boiled down concentrate and very different (but it can substitute in middle eastern recipes when fresh pomegranates are not available).

        Last saturday The Orchard on Coney Island Avenue was selling containers of fresh pomegranate juice.

        Please tell us where you find it.

    2. Knudsen's makes pomegranate juice. I've found it in a number of health food/natural food type places, including one on about 97th or 98th and B'way, whose name I forget.

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        Pomegranates and pomegranate molasses are used more in middle eastern cooking than the juice. You can indeed find Knudsen's pomegranate juice at any health/natural grocery - I use it a lot and have found it every such place I've tried. I love it straight, with soda, splashed into margaritas/martinis/daiquiris/etc, used to deglaze pans (esp w/pork chops, mmm), frozen as sorbet, etc.

        Note: Pomegranate molasses is just the juice boiled down, but you may as well buy the molasses rather than making it, as a large bottle usually costs a little less than a bottle of Knudsen's juice.


      2. It's definitely a staple in Persian cooking and Kalustyan definitely carries it. Once you enter the shop, go to the middle aisle, all the way back towards the entrance to the refrigerators. They have a few different brands in bottles on the top shelf to the right.

        1. Many, many thanks for all your suggestions. I discovered that I was actually supposed to be looking for the pomegranate molasses, even though my original post was for juice. (My 87-year old Nana got confused.)

          I did go to Kalustyan on Lex, between 28th and 29th and thanks to Adrienne's directions, found both the juice and the molasses immediately. I was surpised at the large selection, given that they are both unusual items.

          Thanks again for your help and for turning me on to Kalustyan's. I'm sure this little gem will help me in my future searches for "off the beaten track" products.