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Dec 8, 2000 10:13 PM

found -- blackout cake

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one of the first threads i read on this site that made me drool and got me hooked was one on this cake. the complaint was that it had seemed to disappear from new york bakeries. i've been looking for it ever since, and i saw that entenmann's makes one. they had a couple of them at my neighborhood grocery and i walked past them longingly three days in a row and finally bought one last night. wow -- blackout! i almost wish i didn't know how delicious this cake is. it's quite good.

dean & deluca also has one right now, but i can never bring myself to buy anything there. i only go to window shop.

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  1. A favorite comfort meal -- Rathbone's on the upper east side for a burger or fried chicken, a beer, blackout cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert. Not the greatest food, but it's consistent and there's something about the timelessness of the place.