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Dec 6, 2000 06:37 PM

Hot Chocolate

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My wife and I saw a preview of the movie "Chocolat" last night about a chocolatier who moves to a provinicial small town in France in 1960 (we thought it was great) and, as you might expect, it was full of scenes of wonderful chocolates. In addition the chocolatier served her guests the most wonderful looking hot chocolate (in appearance reminded me of Angelina's in Paris) and--as this message board says--left us with a craving. Any "hounds" have special favorite places for hot chocolate? Many thanks in advance.

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  1. I love the hot chocolate at City Bakery. The address suddenly escapes me, but it is near Union Square West. Their hot chocolate is heavenly.

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    1. re: Jo
      Barrie Covington

      It's on 17th Street, between Union Square and 5th Avenue.

      And, I second the recommendation.

      1. re: Barrie Covington

        I third that motion (especially because of the homemade marshmallows!)

        1. re: rhubarb

          Anyone know if City Bakery still has that winter Hot Chocolate festival?

          1. re: Alison

            City Bakery had a hot chocolate festival last year and I think that it was in February.

              1. re: Alison

                After reading about it here, I had to go and try the hot chocolate at City Bakery. My god! That stuff is potent. It is truly excellent, but if you are even remotely full, don't attempt to drink one. They are super-filling (maybe it is the huge homemade marshmallow).

                Anyway - go, immediately, and enjoy what may be the best (American-style) hot chocolate in any store.


    2. j
      Jeremy Osner

      Try La Casa de Pan de Bono, on 37th Ave. and 89th St. in Jackson Heights. Excellent hot chocolate but no whipped-cream.

      1. s
        Steven Stern

        Today I had a hot chocolate at the Ronnybrook Farms outlet in the Chelsea Market. Not transcendent, but deeply satisfying.

        1. My vote is for City Bakery. Had hot chocolate there Saturday. It was incridible and the cocoa powder and homemade marshmallow is a nice touch. The hot chocolate went nicely with a berry scone.


          1. Thanks to everyone for giving us their feedback. It sounds like Union Square this weekend.

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            1. re: Jerry

              i went there tonight -- OH MY GOODNESS. that stuff knocked me on my behind. the marshmallow is so wonderful; chewy on the top, and then it gets creamy as it melts in the thick, fruity hot chocolate, just like you always dreamed a marshmallow would. i wanted to get a melted chocolate chip cookies, but they didn't have them, so i got a regular one and it was such a disappointment. they use crisco, i think, and the chocolate was sub-par. but i'm going back tomorrow for more hot chocolate.