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Nov 28, 2000 07:50 AM

Canning Jars, actually "GINGER"

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I CAME ACROSS THE POSTING OF CANNING JARS IN THE GENERAL BOARD, and Pat's answer posted 1 Nov. about the Ginger kick. My humble addition to the Ginger habit: Buy a bottle of "Allen's" Ginger Brandy, put into a wide mouth jar adding at least 2 cups gingersyrup and a small piece of peeled crushed fresh Ginger, plus Chopped candied Ginger. Let stand, refrigerated, for 3 to 4 months, shaking often.
Drink as an after Dinner Liqueur (Cordial)

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  1. Peter, That sounds absolutely wonderful. But 3-4 months? Oh well. Tell me, did you buy the Allen's ginger brandy at a Maine State liquor store? I haven't been in one yet. Thanks. pat

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    1. re: pat hammond
      Barrie Covington

      If you are a real ginger fanatic, there is a gentleman at the NYC Greenmarket who sells ginger maple syrup. On occasion, he sells the "by-product" of making this syrup, which is a jar filled with ginger bits that have been steeped into this syrup. I bought some and have used it in tea, on meats or just to eat.

      I got mine at the market at World Trade Center.

      1. re: Barrie Covington

        He's at the Union Square market too, and sometimes sells maple sugar chunks (candy or for tea, etc.) that pack a nice gingery whallop, too. His maple raspberry syrup is also nice.

      2. re: pat hammond

        Pat, "Maine State liquor store" = Shop 'n'Save, Shaw's, etc., although there are stand-alone stores as well.

        1. re: pat hammond
          Peter B. Wolf

          Never been to a MAINE liquor store. I used to get Allen's Ginger Brandy in Mass, as it is made there. N.Y. does not even carry it. Yeah, 3/4 months, but it will already taste good in a month. Careful, it's powerful. I used to take a couple of bottles with me to Germany every year, and set it up over there, all my aunts, in there 70s & 80s loved that stuff. Well, other people too. Peter