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Nov 21, 2000 05:26 PM

mars 2001

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I would like to know the location and phone number of Mars 2001 restaurante that is in Manhattan New York. Is this a good place to go for lunch? Is this an expensive place?

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  1. Its a theme restaurant. Its usually mobbed with tourists and their cuisine is nothing special.

    I've never been there, but I suppose if you can walk in and sit at the bar for a few minutes you'll get the desire to eat there out of your system.

    1. i agree. you're best off skipping this joint. even though i've never been there (to the planet that is), i'm sure the food on mars tastes better.

      1. If nothing else, they should be boycotted b/c during the heat wave of July '99, they made a guy stand out front in the sun in an enormous head to toe rubber Martian suit handing out menus. After seeing him there for two days straight in 100 degree weather, I asked him if he was o.k. He said it was awful in the suit, but it was his first job since moving to NYC so he wasn't going to complain....

        1. It is not Mars 2001, but Mars 2112. It is on Bway- you should be able to look it up online...

          1. It's on Broadway and 51st Street in the Paramount Building. Kids have a great time. Atmosphere is very cool. Food is very gross, but the kids eat it up. Enjoy! (many people have to work arduously in 100 degree weather).

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              few to so little purpose - and the point was not that he was working, but that the ugly rubber suit had no ventilation.