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Nov 20, 2000 12:40 PM

Wild Rice

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Gearing up for the Thanksgiving feast and wondering if anyone has a preference when it comes to brands of wild rice. I'm making a wild mushroom and wild rice salad but I have no idea if one brand is superior..Any advice?

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    Frank Language

    Even though Thanksgiving is over, wid rice is great any time of year.It's not really rice; it's called "wehani" and it's a member of the grass family.

    I didn't know there were brands of wild rice, to tell you the truth. The best stuff I know of is harvested by Indians in Minnesota in canoes. Whole foods sells it in bulk; this is the stuff I use. Lundberg also packages some variety of wehani, and has various blends with i, since it is more expensive than other varieties of rice. Tell you the truth, I prefer it plain.

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      Agreed, try to buy it not by the box or brand, but by the grain. The brands are fine, just make sure that nothing else is added.