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Kelloggs Danish Go Rounds

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I can remember them when I was a child (born in 1964.) They were similar to Pop Tarts, only much better. They were swirled in an elliptical path from the center. My favorite was cinnamon.
Any body see them anywhere in the USA? They are not here in New Jersey.


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    Frank Language

    These seemed to disappear abruptly around 1970, and were never heard from again. I was mmystified that they went out and not Pop-tsrts, because to my childhood tastebuds, they were better; if I were to taste them again, though, I rather doubt they'd be the Rosebud I remember. I know I have the remains of a box of Quisp still sitting on my shelf (sorry, Jim), and it will probably never be eaten, except by these annoying weevils I get in my dry goods unless I put all my flour and stuff I intend to keep for longer tham a few months into glass jars. But that's another story.

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      The things you can find on the Internet. I went to the Kelloggs home page and found this in the FAQ.

      What happened to Kellogg's® Danish Go Rounds® and Kellogg's® Danish Rings® -- do you still sell them?

      Danish Go Rounds were introduced in 1968. They were an extruded rope of dough with fruit filling in the middle, wrapped to form an oval. The dough was very similar to our current Kellogg's® Pop-Tarts® Toaster Pastries. Because of the way they were made, they broke or crumbled easily, and were replaced in 1976 by Danish Rings.
      Danish Rings had a flakier pastry with fruit filling, and stamped in an oval shape. Unfortunately, they never caught on! Consumers much preferred Kellogg's® Pop-Tarts®, so Danish Rings were discontinued in 1980.

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        Frank Language

        Kelloggs practically admits that their Danish Go-Rounds were better than Pop-Tarts - "but they broke and crumbled easily". Bah! I thought they were more fun to eat - and they worked in a toaster, too.

        1. re: mshriro

          I remember danish go round very well! I lived on them as a young boy! I will never forget how good they were!!

          1. re: Phil L.

            Me and a friend of mine always laugh about danish go rounds. She would ask me if I would spend the night with her and I would always say, do you have any danish go rounds? They were that good!!!!

            1. re: Renee Poling

              I have been looking for danish go rounds for my husband for years. he remembers them as his favorite childhood food. now at least i can tell him what happened to them

          2. re: mshriro

            Huh. They seemed sturdy enough to me. Part of the fun was taking them apart. Bring 'em back, Kellogg's!
            Also, it's getting harder to find good old-fashioned, unfrosted, fruit-filled Pop Tarts. Why does all the good stuff have to go away? *sob*

            1. re: mshriro

              Just wanted to say thanks. I was beginning to think this was a made-up memory. I miss them too and wish they would bring them back.

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            Alexander Crump

            I remember them fondly as well but can't find anyone else who remembers them. They came four to a box and the pastry was better than Pop Tarts.

            1. Hi- to all of you that love Kellogg's Danish Go rounds . I am 43 yrs old & I love them as well & want them to come back.
              I e-mail Kelloggs probably every couple of years to tell them to bring back the Danish go rounds, I get the same excuses how easy they broke bla, bla, bla. Or there wasnt enough consumer interest.....fooey!
              I want to encourage all of you out there to e-mail kelloggs, flood them with your e-mails tell them how you would like to see them to come back on the shelf, they seem to over kill on their pop-tart flavors.

              1. I was so happy when I found this thread, I could have cried. For years, I've been telling people about the breakfast treat that I remembered as a kid. I'd decided that I imagined them and that I'd made up the name Danish Go-Rounds. I'm so happy to know they were real and that other people remember them as better than Pop-Tarts. C'mon Kellogs, bring 'em back!

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                1. re: DrLisaKay

                  I am so thrilled that there are others out there like me... Thank you DrLisaKay. As you can see no ones been on here for quite sometime. I don't know what the deal is with companies, you find a product you like and then it gets discontinued. I cant imagine with all the poptarts flavors out there that they are all good sellers...there is no way, I look at those flavors & think "YUCK! How can that be still on the shelf"? Danish go rounds were the best...Kelloggs need to give it another shot.

                  1. re: donnarose

                    I agree, Donnarose. Some of those Pop Tart flavors sound disgusting! What can Kellogg's be thinking???

                    1. re: donnarose

                      Yes I agree!!! Please bring back some of the great food of the 70's, they were the bomb!! Like you said, the flavors I see on the shelves today make me wonder who is in charge of coming up with the flavors. Here's a link you might like http://disneybear.com/2008/08/18/kell...

                    2. re: DrLisaKay

                      Yes Lisa, I tried telling my mom about them, and if she remembered them or not, "she didn't. When I was a kid living in Florida, I remember eating them," I think it was either, Strawberry, or Cherry, anyway I remember the frosting on the outside was to die for, then, the filling on the inside sealed the deal, "Heaven on your tastebuds!", well as a kid they were anyway to me. Now to find this post, and see people with the same likes as me, makes me think of how I want things the way they were when I was a child again.

                    3. I am pretty sure you guys figured out the truth. Kelloggs found out they could make the pop tart cheaper and put less filling inside. No the pop tart is not better and never was! I do want to say I think that someone tried to bring them back, but it was a very poor attempt. Come on Kelloggs, Pull your head out of your A$% and bring back the ORIGINAL Danish Go Round, not a cheap attempt at it. There may not be many responses on this, but ALL are about HOW GOOD and how much BETTER than pop tarts they where!!!!

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                      1. re: TheVoice

                        I will respond to you :) I Know that I have e-mailed Kelloggs..I have e-mailed them probably 10 times over 10 yrs suggesting to bring the Danish-Go-Rounds back..usually a form letter comes back with some of their excuses...so I am just going to keep e-mailing them..Also they have a Facebook page that you can go to which I just did recently..personally...you have to hound them in a really nice way. :) I think if more people would e-mail them & FB em..be persistent..I think the Danish go Rounds will come back..there is obviously a huge interest..especially our generation. :)

                      2. I'm 57 yo. I do remember GoRounds as a kid. And they were better than poptarts. They were sold in DE (I lived in MD, family did most shopping in DE). Alot of people I've asked don't remember them. Sure would be nice to have them back in the market.

                        1. I have been on several sites and EVERYONE seems to be saying the same thing about Danish-Go-Rounds...THEY LOVED THEM!!! I don't remember them ever breaking or crumbling, unless I was breaking them apart as I always did. They had the BEST taste...MUCH better than Pop Tarts...because you could actually taste the fruit/filling!!! Kellogg's DEFINITELY needs to run some new test marketing and just see the results. Pop Tarts brand is turning 50 this year...bring back a favorite to help celebrate!!!