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Nov 3, 2000 10:15 AM


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Has anyone seen the brand of Sorbet called "Le sorbet" Or "Gerards Le Sorbet"? It was made in the DC area and packed in a red container w/a gold top. It was the best sorbet around for years. The only current sorbet I like is Ciao Bella. I'm not fond of Sharons or the big national knock offs. Le Sorbet was the closest I could find in a store bought sorbet to the French style. All us Lactose deficient folks need Sorbet. But..lately Lactaid icecream has reappeared on some super market shelves.

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  1. Ciao Bella's Coconut & Mango Sorbets are great. Served together, the two flavors are very complementary(creamy sweetness of the coconut & the slight tartness of the Mango). The prepacked pints are just as good as the hand-packed(at least from their Mott Street location).