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Oct 17, 2000 10:58 AM

tum yum

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I am looking for a decent vegetarian tum yum in downtown manhattan. Can anyone make a recommendation?

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  1. What is it? You don't mean Thai Tom Yum soup, do you?

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    1. re: christina z

      yes i mean thai tom yum soup butit must be vegetarian

      1. re: st

        Holy Basil has a soup they bill as a vegetarian version. But if it's anything like the version with shrimp, I'd skip it. The last time I had that it was flat, undimensional-- the overwhelming flavor was of lemon juice.

        1. re: st

          You're really looking for a different soup altogether.
          Spicy seafood is one of the components that defines
          this dish. (At least that's what defined the
          version I used to get in Thailand.) Are you looking for a spicy vegetable soup?

          1. re: christina z

            I've had what's called "Tom Yum Tofu" on a number of occasions in more than one place. You can certainly get it at the Thai House in Nyack. It's lemongrassy and piquant. I can't swear it's completely meat-free (broth is always questionable and you can never get a reliable answer), but it's on their vegetarian menu so I practiced the "don't ask don't tell" stance I sometimes take. There certainly is no actual meat or seafood in it, just tofu and some veggies.

            - VF

            1. re: christina z

              when i was in thailand, i had no problems finding vegetarian tom yum. ive had the one at holy basil and it is unsatisfactory. (sigh) i guess i should wait until my next trip to thailand...