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Sep 18, 2000 11:17 PM

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale

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Does anyone out there have the nutritional information, carbohydrates in particular, for Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale? I'm one of those Atkins' diet people. Thanks!

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  1. Considering the alcohol content of this beer is, I believe, around 9% the calorie level of this beer is quite high. Other then the alcohol level, which I am speculating based on it being a barley wine and not actually a beer, I have no idea of the nutritional value of this product.
    I don’t know if this would be a recommended product for people on a diet. I would recommend it for people looking for a quick buzz.

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    1. re: Paz

      I age my bigfoot minimum of 1 year before opening. The description of this not being a beer is wrong.
      It is a beer, and it is a barley wine.
      Barley wine is the style of beer.
      Not only for those looking for a quick buzz, as drinking EKU 28 is not only for those who want a "quick buzz"
      I suppose that you look at drinking coffee as for people just looking for a "quick buzz" as well... Oh well.

      1. re: Paz

        "I would recommend it for people looking for a quick buzz"

        Well, _I_ would recommend it for people looking for one of the most delicious beer styles ever devised (Bigfoot's not my fave example of the style...Mr. W is correct in aging it...but there are other wonderful brands). And beer it is; "barley wine" isn't wine. See another bigfoot discussion further down this same board.

        If you want a quick buzz, I believe vodka works a lot more efficiently and inexpensively.

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        Michael Messier

        Given the high level of residual sugar-which is why it taste sweet, in addition to the bitteness-I would suspect its higher in carbs than most other beers.