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Sep 15, 2000 02:27 PM


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Alright. Enough cheez whiz.

I saw a recent Emeril Lagasse show on TVFN (yeah, yeah... I'd like to BAM him in the head too, but the guy can cook) about panini sandwiches. They had some people from some overpriced yuppie cafe here in manhattan, and one of the sandwiches he re-created was one with some Speck in it.

Now, I have never eaten Speck before, and not sure what the hell it tastes like, but it looked a lot like Prosciutto de Parma. And since I love PDP, I think I would probably like this stuff too.

Anyone know where to get it?

Incidentally, one can find EXCELLENT PDP and provolone at Mike's Deli (their motto is "Our salami satisfies everybody". Love it!) in the Arthur Avenue market right across from the Olive barrels. they have one particular grade of PDP which they refer to as "heart of prosciutto" or something like that and a provolone called "mirabella" which just begs to be wed-together on a panini.

Oh hell. Screw the panini. Just pile the stuff onto a italian hero roll with abandon and eat the sucker down like a ravenous Komodo Dragon pouncing on a Survivor participant.

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  1. Mentioning speck brings back memories.My family ( Hungarian ) bought speck for picnics. As I remember it was a fatback bacon covered with paprika. We used to impale a slab on a stick and roast it over hot coals. The resulting grease was dripped on thick sliced rye bread loaded with tomatoes,peppers,onions and cucumbers. When the speck was rendered down it was eaten with more rye bread. All of the above washed down with plenty of beer. ( and no - my chloresterol is at the low end of normal )

    1. Hmm. I'm not sure what the other poster is referring to (maybe it's a Hungarian version) -- because I believe Speck is a kind of ham (also called Schinkenspeck, though this might be a variety), very very dark blood red, sliced thin like prosciutto and absolutely delicious.

      Two places worth trying in Manhattan:

      -- Schaller & Weber
      -- Köglin German Meats in the Grand Central marketplace

      Hope this helps.


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      1. re: Patrick A.
        Jason "Salami Satisfied" Perlow

        Actually, Rachel and I went to Mike's Deli at the Arthur Avenue Market and they had some -- of Canadian origin that was fantastic. We bought a whole pound of it.

        Speck, according to co-owner David of Mike's, is simply prosciutto de parma that has been smoked, which renders out much of the fatty content, its way leaner and isnt as sweet. Although he claims they use a slightly different cut of meat, and its very rare to get actual Italian made speck in the US, since they consume almost all of it there and whatever of that cut is left over is rather expensive stuff apparently. Mario "Molto Mario" Battali of Po and TVFN fame apparently really digs it and buys tons of it from Mike and David.

        (he also had some interesting things to say about Emeril Lagasse's knowledge of the subject, which I dont think I wanna repeat here.)

        By the way that outrageous sharp and sweet provolone I described that they sell is actually "San Miguel" (named after Mike Grecco) which is contract manufactured in Italy for Mikes deli. You gotta get some. Besides that they have a huge selection of other great imported cheeses and salamis/deli meats. I think we went thru a hundred bucks there today.

        I'm enclosing the link to their web site,


        1. re: Patrick A.

          Gene is talking about German speck, which is fatback, and the same as Italian lardo. The word itself just means 'fat'. Schinken is German for ham, so I'd guess schinckenspeck means fatty ham, maybe a term for something like prosciutto, but it looks to me more like Canadian bacon.

          Of course, Emeril was probably using Italian speck.

        2. You can find it at West Side Market Downtown Cleveland. I grew up with my grandfather making this over a hickory fire. It is heart attack on bread. Yum! It is a bacon.

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          1. re: kathycahill

            this thread is 14 years old and at least that far, geographically, from Cleveland

            1. re: coasts

              Who cares, I found a good reason to go to the Bronx zoo with kids. to visit Mike's deli to buy some speck. =)