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Sep 11, 2000 09:56 PM

Pasta e zucca

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Not sure if this post even really belongs on this board, but it seems the closest.

A while back I picked up one of the recipe sheets that are for grabs at the Union Square Greenmarket, this one for Pasta e Zucca, from Arthur Schwartz, but not from a cookbook that I can tell from the sheet, and not on his website (already searched). Problem is, it got buried under a stack of recipes culled from other sources and I'm just now looking forward to making it, what with pumpkins coming to the Greenmarkets and all, and it turns out to be a two-pager but the copy I got only has the first part! Does anyone have this recipe? or know where I can get the rest? I don't want to just search SOAR or someplace like that.

Email offline welcome, just remove "nospam.".


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    Jessica Shatan

    This recipe is on pp.108-9 of Arthur Schwartz's new book, Naples at Table.
    Curse the index which doesn't list it under Pasta, and then the subhead Vegetables, but rather lists it under Squash!!!