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Sep 6, 2000 02:33 PM

Engagement party for about 30 people where to have it?

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My girlfriend's sister is getting married next year and we need a place to have an engagement party for about 30 people. It does not have to be she-she. We need a nice place where we can have some cocktails and some food any suggestions? Help...

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  1. I always like the Sunday Buffet Brunch for those types of affairs. This way it's all one price for each person no matter what they order (except for cocktails). I know the Marriot has one that revolves on their top floor called "the View", and I think they also have a decent one at of course the name escapes me, but it's the Hotel where the restaurant Halcyon is. The name sounds Indian, I think it's on 56th St. Can anyone help me out with the name??? It's on the tip of my tongue...

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      Halcyon is at the Rhiga Royal Hotel.