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Aug 28, 2000 12:32 AM

Craving for vinegar

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I have all my life been baffled by my incredible craving for vinegar. I was wondering if there someone out there that might know what it might mean phisiologically. I am wondering if so much vinegar prevents a woman from conceiving. All suggestions appreciated.

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  1. I get the same insatiable craving for vinegar. Was anyone able to provide any insight as to why we crave Vinegar? I know that Vinegar emulsifies fat. I am going to pay attention next time I get the craving and see if I ate any fatty foods just prior to getting the craving. I'll keep you posted.

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    1. re: Karen

      Hey there-

      I get the most intense craving for vinegar, particularly peppercinis (Sp?), salad with vinegar, or pickles but only after long arobic excerising (biking really.) Was always curious about that...

      1. re: Josh

        It is so funny to find this and have it be a recent conversation. I am chatting with two friends about this very thing. I was saying I needed a support group for people who are addicted to vinegar. Pepperoncinis and this vinegar BBQ sauce called Scott's are the two things for me...sometimes if I don't have the Scott's I will crave it for days!! I don't eat meat anymore, so I eat it on bread, with tofu, with fake chik'n, with potatoes...sometimes straight! And, I've been doing it for 20+ years! It is so strange. I'm going to try to find something out about.

        (the two friends crave it also, one of them around her period a lot...)

        1. re: Naomi

          Evidently we are all just OCD:

          I don't buy the weight loss thing since I have been sneaking vinegar since I was 4 years old or so, but it is interesting to see a doctor say there isn't a physiological reason for it!

          1. re: Naomi

            My grandmother, in the 1960s, used to drink a spoonful of cider vinegar in a glass of water every morning, and it was for a holistic reason (she was devoted to Adele Davis) but unfortunately I don't remember what the reason was!

    2. I doubt it. I've also craved for vinegar all my life. To the point that I'll drink it right out of the bottle. I'm 3 months pregnant now. The only problem I've found with the craving is stomach aches sometimes. But vinegar is actually good for the body.

      1. I have been craving vinegar for a long time, for the longest I thought is was just me. My mother in law use to make this hot and sour soup, the more vinegar the more I ate. I saw someone mention something about exercising long period's of time and the craving. I have started doing a lot of extreme exercising with hiking mountains. Yesterday I started and finished a 14 mile hike. I just wander if there is something in vinegar that gives the body back what is lost during excercising and weight loss? any ideas anyone.

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          Yes, I crave vinegar - it's insane. Right now I'm drinking vinegar with a little bit of water and S&P. Also crave those pepperocinis that Josh talked about. Had them yesterday on my salad.

        2. I think vinegar has something to do with Vitamin K., but it was so long ago that I heard that factoid that I would have to google to get any other info.

          1. That's so weird. I've always craved vinegar too. I would eat salt and vinegar chips and they wouldn't be vinegary enough for me. I would drink pickle juice from the jar. Eventually I would just drink the vinegar straight up (by the way I got preggers with my vinegar addiction). I also crave pepperoncinis too! i thought I was alone in this. It went away for a few year but has recently come back. I read that its believed by some holistic nutritionists to be an acidic imbalance in the body. I had the cravings really strong as a teenager but when I started college they went away. Then I had a baby and after the pregnancy was when I started craving it again. Both times seems to be when my body is going through a lot of changes. Maybe it has something to do with hormones??? At the very least I don't think we're just weird if so many people have this and crave the exact same type of things. Nobody understands why anemic people crave ice but they do. Just because doctors don't understand why doesn't mean there isn't anything going on with our bodies.