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Aug 27, 2000 04:22 PM

teeny-weeny eggs

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Anyone else remember those tiny little unborn chicken eggs that my mom used to put into soup as a special treat? Anyone know where they can still be purchased? My, that would be a nice thing to slurp! Thanks.

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  1. "Unborn chicken eggs"? What really does that mean?
    Chicks aren't "born" until the eggs hatch, are
    they? Anyhow, you may be thinking of quail eggs.
    They are very tiny indeed.

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    1. re: christina z

      I know what Toby's talking about, just wasn't phrased correctly. My Dad waxes poetic about the treat he would have when his mother would purvey a freshly killed hen containing soft,UNLAYED eggs. She would put them in soup and he says the flavor was non pareil.

      1. re: Heidi

        ``Unborn'' eggs are, or used to be, a very Jewish thing. You can still get them at Sammy's Roumanian, but I'm not sure I've ever seen them for sale in a store.

        1. re: Pepper

          I remember, and concur with the previous post, that unborn eggs were a Jewish thing. Is there evidence, or does anyone have a memory, of non-Jews eating unborn eggs in soup?

          1. re: dt

            I saw what I assume were unborn eggs for sale just last week, in a chinese meat market on the south side of Grand just east of Chrystie-the store is L-shaped and they were in a cooler just as you round the bottom piece of the "L" - the package was labelled chicken intestines and contained both innards and what looked like eggs.

    2. They are available at most chinese meat markets. The one I shop at is on Grand Street between Bowery and Christye in New York. You do have to purchase them in combination with the other chicken viscera which I have not acquired a taste for. But it is relatively cheap. One thing though, it will not taste as good as you remembered. Good Luck.