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Aug 22, 2000 02:14 PM

link for NY Health Dept reports

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in response to a request in another post, here is the link for the NY Health Department restaurant reports:

To use the site:

1. from the home page on the above link, scroll down to the second paragraph from bottom. click on the underlined word "search"

2. Select the desired borough at top (each has a button).

3. scroll down on section at right: enter the name of the particular restaurant. Click on: FIND NAME

the system will do a search for reports on this restaurant.

4. On section at left, click on the underlined name of the restaurant.

5. read the latest report at right.

I have been reading the various boards on chowhound in anticipation of our trip to NYC in September. I narrow the list accordingly, by visiting the health site.

Thanks for the useful info.
Eric in Phoenix

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  1. Kinda scary with some of the things you see even in the most expensive NY restaurants


    Firebird (leaky rusty canned food????)
    Nobu (vermin!!! yuck!)
    La Cote Basque (yipes!)
    Union Pacific (leaky cans)
    Mesa grill (be afraid, be very afraid)

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    1. re: Jason Perlow

      I had a very similar reaction to some of the reports.

      restaurants with moderate prices and clean reports are the ones finding their way to the top of my list

      1. re: eric

        I agree with Josh. I'd say ALL NYC restaurants have a few flies and a few roaches in the basement. Rats on the other hand would be a bit icky. A little of the small stuff I can tolerate and even understand. I'm sure that even my clean kitchen has a few creatures lurking behind the walls.

      2. re: Jason Perlow
        Josh Mittleman

        In fairness, one has to note that these reports use awfully broad categories and don't tell you any details. "Vermin", for example, can mean one fly or an infestation of rats.