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Aug 21, 2000 07:49 AM


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I just caught the Iron Chef Abalone Battle last
night and I was intrigued by the different kinds
of abalone in existence. They did mention that
harvesting abalone here in the US has been banned
for two years. Is imported abalone available
anywhere in restaurants or fish stores?

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  1. For what it's worth, I have seen frozen abalone at Citarella. Haven't noticed it in a year or so (since I saw the Iron Chef Abalone Battle!), and I never tried it. If you get some, post the results!

    1. There's at least one person growing abalone in California, but they take three years to get to market size...and that's only about 3 inches across...I was lucky enough to grow up here in the Pacific NW and ate lots of the chewy, flavorful shellfish...the pounded "steaks" were as big as a dinner plate...our favorite spot, the late, lamented Crab Bowl in Portland, sold it for about $6.95 in the dad finally put his foot down about my abalone habit...when we went to the Crab Bowl, he'd tell us we could have anything we wanted, "except the abalone."