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Aug 18, 2000 08:46 AM

Which Little Italy store - preparing antipasto?

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I'm entertaining a few friends and would like to prepare a huge antipasto. Since I work near little Italy I'll go there to get my indgredients. I know the 2 stores on the corners of Mulberry & Grand one on the NE, the other is on the NW, but which one is best? Or - should I pick up this at one and that at the other one. I also need to buy fresh lasagna pasta, where do I go?

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    Jessica Shatan

    Ok, it's a little west of Little Italy but here's what I do: I go to the M+O deli on Prince and Thompson for sliced sopresatta and prosciutto di parma, then to Kim's korean grocer diagonally across the st. for tomatos and basil, then to Joe's Dairy on Sullivan just below Houston for smoked and plain salted mozzarella, the awesome provolone, maybe a little reggiano parmasan, olives, the delicious boconcini.... then you can go to Raffetto's on Houston nr. MacDougal for the fresh lasgane... Joe's and Raffetto's also have bottles of really good marinated peppers and other delicacies.
    Buono appetito!
    Oops, I almost forgot bread! I like the portugese bread in the cabinet across from the deli counter at M+O or Sullivan St. Bakery on Sullivan below Spring.

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      Thanks Jessica - would you go to Joe's vs. the little Italy places? Can I do a one stop sans bread and there? Want to keep my trip as simple as possible.

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        Jessica Shatan

        Actually, they have Zito's bread there so you could get everything but the meat and tomatoes (tho' they have lots of good pate--try the classic campagne and also the mediteranean chicken). Don't know the little italy places but I have been consistently wowed by Joe's Dairy mozz. ( and the provolone which is hard and crumbly and sharp almost like parm) and have impressed alot of guest with it... once they get over the look: it's not smooth on the outside but rather wrinkly.
        Watch out, too, because if you go late in the day the bread might be gone. The good thing is if you go to Joe's you'll be near Raffetto's for the fresh pasta.
        Good luck.
        I believe there have been threads about mozzarella on the BEST, CRAVING and maybe MANHATTAN boards if you want to see some comparisons.