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Aug 1, 2000 05:03 PM


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Anyone know a place in downtown Manhattan that makes Espresso,Cappucino,etc with Illy Cafe Coffee?

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  1. Way downtown, but the Leonidas store (near wall street) has a cafe that prominently advertises that it serves Illy. BTW they have the best chocolates if you ask me. Flown in from belgium every week, and quite reasonable, way better than Godiva (and cheaper too) everyone who I have ever brought a box to seems to agree. Bet you can't walk by it without trying a piece.

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    1. re: Philip Pace

      Agreed. It's not everybody's #1 choice, but there are very few connoisseurs out there who would diss Leonidas. Very respectable chocolate, and one of the best values in town.

      I didn't know about their downtown store....I go to the midtown location.

      1. re: Jim Leff

        Same here (midtown location) but was in the area one day and was suprised to see it. It's smaller than the midtown location and has a smaller (but still quite large) selection. It was still open as of a month ago

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          Jamal Rayyis

          where's the midtown shop? speaking of midtown chocolatieres, ricart on 54th st., across from Lespinasse, is nearly without peer in my opinion. as for price, well, let's just say that the best things in life...

        2. re: Jim Leff

          Artisinal ?Sp chocolate made and sold locally in northern Europe including Belgium and the Netherlands has a lower melting point than the exported variety. It melts in your hand. It has a very different texture and mouth feel. I feel it has less additives or at least the ratios of ingredients is quite different than the exports. The variety is awesome, and you would cry if you knew the price.

          Leonidas is popular, and actually tastes the same in Europe as it does in the US (as opposed the the exported beers.) I definitely agree with out fearless leader, Jim Leff -- it is a good buy in the NYC area.

      2. Illy Cafe isn't that hard to find in Manhattan; still you need to find someone that knows how to use their machine. 'Ino is a nice little wine bar on Bedford near Houston that uses Illy and makes a good cup.

        Joe Moryl

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          thanks for the tip. much appreciated!

          and yes I agree, there is a correct way to make espresso!

          A Simple Life Always Previals

          1. re: Joe Moryl

            Actually, 'ino uses Segafreddo, which is a pretty downmarket brand in Italy but tends to be a signifier of decent espresso in New York. ('ino's cappuccino tastes exactly like a good bar cappuccino in Italy, which is no small feat.) Danesi is another brand of espresso that tends to be made very well in NY.

            Illy may well be the best commercially available espresso, but because it is a status brand, many of the restaurants and coffee bars that use it are doing so strictly because of the fashionable name, not because they love the taste--or even, it seems, know what the taste should be.

          2. I don't think they make fancy coffe drinks, but the Sullivan Street Bakery definitely serves Illy.

            1. Illy Coffee is served in the Film Forum (I wouldn't count on the correctness of preparation though...)

              1. Decent cappuccino in the Italian store in the Chelsea market -- Italian style -- not American or Starbucks style. They have a small somewhat Italian style coffee bar in the front, and they sell Illy coffee. The foam/milk is similar to that in Italy – very different from the American version (or all other European versions) I recommend it if you want a taste of Italy. Also, I use the pods at home. Pretty decent.

                BTW, Illy definitely has the quintessential Italian taste.

                The very best Cap in Manhattan ($3.50 plus tip) is at San Ambroseus on Madison at 78st.