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Jul 25, 2000 10:59 AM

clotted cream

  • j

Anywhere in Manhattan that sells this by the jar?

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  1. I'm sure I've seen it at the Vinegar Factory (E. 91st St.)

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    1. re: Dena

      This is one of those things that can be easily made (like creme fraiche) if you know how. I do know you have to start with unpasturized heavy cream. pat

      1. re: pat hammond

        Ive made creme fraiche with pasteurized (but NOT Ultra-pasteurized) heavy cream, but in NYC its getting hard to find even that, except through Ronnybrook at the farmers markets. But I do think you need non-pasteurized cream for clotted cream, and I don't know of anywhere, short of a farm, to buy that. Any suggestions?

        1. re: jen kalb

          Sorry this is a little late --

          Virtually every mid-to-high end restaurant uses pasteurized, not ultra-pasteurized, cream. It has a short shelf life, approximately seven days from time of delivery as compared to a month or more for the u.p., and this is why stores don't carry it, especially in the summer when it goes bad the instant it approaches 45 degrees. Your best bet is to know someone who works in a restaurant -- they probably have several cases on hand, and may sell you a quart. Also, you could try calling Woolco, a distributor in the meat-market district (across the street from Pastis). They accept walk-ins for purchasing things, and they may have some. I don't think they have a milk license, but I think that buy it from other dairy distributors in small amounts for their accounts. Lastly, every store that sells u.p. has access to the pasteurized, because every dairy distributor sells it. You could ask them to order it for you.

      2. re: Dena

        I just returned from the newish Garden of Eden (14th Street, just east of Fifth Avenue, north side), and they have bottled clotted cream, clabber, creme fraiche, mascarpone, two kinds of buffalo mozzerella, about 200 different cheeses--more sheer dairy than practically anywhere.

      3. I think Morgan's Market at the corner of Hudson & Reade Sts. has it.

        1. j
          jonathan sibley

          Have you tried Egg Farm dairy's Clabber? Not sure how different it is, but I think it should be in the same family (and is fresher than a lot of the clotted cream I've seen in NYC in the past).

          1. I've bought clotted cream at Zabar's (80th and Broadway.) And if Zabar's sells it, Fairways (74th St and Broadway) and Citarella's (right next to Fairways)probably jumped on the bandwagon some time ago, too.

            Enjoy it with a fresh scone and strawberries.

            1. j
              Josh Mittleman

              Could someone explain the difference among creme fraiche, clabber, and clotted cream?