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Jul 16, 2000 04:58 PM

Nabisco Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

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In the 50's, growing up in Brooklyn,I could purchase packages of chocolate covered graham crackers by Nabisco, (made with real dark chocolate) not the artifical stuff,in most stores. Not any more. Strangely, though, I live minutes away from a regional Nabisco bakery who tells me these are regional products. Anyone have any info?

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  1. If you bite off two corners on opposite ends of a chocolate covered graham cracker, you can use it as a straw. Drinking cold milk through it keeps the outside chocolate shell hard while it dissolves the graham cracker on the inside. Now just eat it!

    CAUTION: highly addictive!

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    1. re: sean

      Sean, I deeply respect the important work you're doing.

      I was just remarking, via phone, to chowhound Erica that Joe's Shanghai's soup dumplings could be used as levels to hang pictures, etc.

      I do think it's critical that we make full and creative use of our food.

      But before Cestmoi goes apoplectic, where do you find the damned things?

      1. re: Jim Leff

        And...if you do that with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, (you have to be quick about it- one sip only), it starts to melt the chocolate from the inside out...mmmm....(and Keebler Fudge-covered grahams work in a pinch - but they are not as good...)

    2. Forget Nabisco - go to Economy Candy for the best dark chocolate covered graham crackers ever (there's a thread on them somewhere on the boards).

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      1. re: pam

        Starbucks also sells pretty decent milk and dark chocolate grahams. Not the Nabsico ones that I remember, but the dark chocolate ones certainly fulfill (albeit in a more grown-up way). Cheers.

        1. re: bellrock

          The very best chocolate covered Grahams are at Sweet Melissa on Court St. in Brooklyn!

          1. re: bellrock

            11 years later, Starbucks's dark chocolate covered grahams are still really good. They have a nice thick coating of chocolate. A nice modestly-priced treat.

            1. re: Bob W

              I've tried those once. Eh, not that impressed. Still looking.

        2. Since they're made with real chocolate, they're a seasonal item--so you're probably out of luck until after the summer. But they're available at my local D'agostinos during cooler months.

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          1. re: marion

            I have not been able to find Nabisco Chocolate Covered Grahams in at least 5 years. I moved from NY to FL 3 years ago, so it cannot be just because I NOW live in a warm climate. Can anybody suggest where I can buy some? I can travel anywhere from Ocala to Clearwater, FL to get them. Thanks so much!

          2. m
            Martin Bliman

            I live in Naples, Florida, 34108 and can't find your chocalote graham crackers anywhere. I would settle for the plain chocalote gramah crakers, but can't findthem anywhere. Please lt m know where these are available in this district. Thank you. Martin Bliman

            1. r
              Rita Larnaitis

              I know where you can get nabisco chocolate graham crackers! The Vermont country store. They are not in their catalog, you have to ask for them. They cant ship them till the weather gets cooler. e-mail them at
              PS ENJOY them once again. Rita

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              1. re: Rita Larnaitis

                Rita!!! Thank you so much - I have just checked back now (after 4 YEARS!!) - I guess I checked for 3 months, but then just gave up.
                Thank you! I will check w/The Vermond Country Store!!!!
                - Susan Lee