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New Amsterdam cheese

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At a little cafe/bakery in Mount Kisco (now defunct & replaced by a Sports Authority or something equally dreadful), I once got a wedge of cheese called New Amsterdam. It was a dense, flaky and salty like a parmesan but yellow with a somewhat more cheddary flavor.

When I tried to get more the next week, the bakery had closed, and I've never again been able to locate this cheese, despite asking at many cheese shops (Dean and Deluca, Fairway, Grand Central Market, etc.). A web search didn't turn up anything except lots of pages that explain that New York was once called New Amsterdam. Not terribly helpful!

Has anyone else ever eaten this cheese? Or seen it for sale anywhere in the five boroughs?


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  1. Perhaps "New Amsterdam" was some sort of proprietary brand name for an aged Gouda? Sounds like that could be what you got. A fine cheese, if it was.

    1. I think you may be looking for an aged gouda that we've recently found at the Vinegar Factory on East 91st St. It's become our latest favorite snack food. It's Amsterdam, all right, but I honestly can't remember if it's "New" or "Old." Whichever, it's just as you described: very much like aged parmesan, but yellower in color, and the outside is black.

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        Josh Mittleman

        I've heard of Old Amsterdam, which is exactly what people have said here: aged Gouda. It's reliably available at Turko's in Hartsdale, on Rt. 100.

        1. If this is in fact aged Gouda, it is always available at the Gourmet Garage on Broadway between 96th and 97th Sts.

          1. If it's stinky it might be Edam.

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              Jamal Rayyis

              It's "Old Amsterdam." The cheese is a variety of aged gouda. Its flavor is intensly nutty and creamy, with wonderfully firm texture, reminding me a bit of parmagiano reggiano. I don't know the history of this cheese, though it is safe to assume it was named, if not created, for the export market. And, not to just the U.S. I was in Bavaria last Christmas, and friends I stayed with brought out a tray of sausage and cheese, that included a huge hunk of Old Amsterdam, with name and label on its black wax coating.

              The cheese is available at a number of cheese shops. Murray's on Bleecker St., Dom's on Lafayette, and Balducci's on 6th Ave. are three places in which I've seen it. I believe I've even seen it at the Met supermarket on Mulberry St. That is to say, it isn't an obscure product.