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Jul 9, 2000 08:44 PM

Imported Teas

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Where can I get more of the imported teas; Darjeeling Risheehat, Gunpowder Imperial, Earl Grey. I picked some up in Indiana, but I live in Fla. and I really liked your little tins and the teas inside. Dean & DeLuca are on the label. Thanks! Sharon

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    Leslie Brenner

    I've been buying a lot of teas on line, and have tested out quite a number of sites. I highly recommend,, and They all offer top-quality teas at good prices, with reliable, timely shipping, and good packaging. and are also very good. Hope that helps.

    1. I highly recommend Simpson & Vail for mail order teas.

      In searching for their website, I also found a place with what seems to me to be a pretty definitive set of links to all things tea-related. The link is below.

      Happy drinking!


      1. There is a fabulous place in Washington, D.C. called Teaism -- three restaurants serving breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a retail store that sells everything related to tea. They have over 40 different loose-leaf teas from all over the world. The best tea I have ever tasted! They have a website ( and mail order. So give them a try.

        1. on line try or you can call upton at 1.800.234.8327