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Jun 28, 2000 12:43 PM

Visit to NY

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I am coming to NY and want to go to a great sushi place as well as a great Indian place. Also, where can one get the best pizza in NY?

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  1. Hi Faye: You have chosen three food types that are among the most contested on these boards. Lots of different points of view from lots of knowledgeable and
    opinionated folks. My best advice to you is to go the the "Best" board and look for entries for pizza, sushi, and Indian food. You should also to a "search" on the homepage. Once you narrow it down, come back with specific questions. I live in St. Louis, so I'm useless with first hand advice but when I do go to New York City to visit I always have a list of places to try that I've gleaned from chowhound. Have a wonderful time.

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    1. re: pat hammond

      Thanks I guess for your attempt to be helpful!

      1. re: Faye

        Actually Faye, Pat gave you very good suggestions. You shouldn't dismiss his "attempt to be helpful". Anybody who is familar with these boards would tell you the same thing.

        1. re: steve

          thanks for your remarks - much appreciated!

          1. re: faye
            Jessica Shatan

            And don't forget to searches on the Manhattan board. Welcome to the mayhem ;-)

    2. Indian: Try one of the places on E. 6 St. bet. 2nd and 3rd Ave. -- the Disney World of Indian rests. (Take the #15 bus down 2nd Ave. or the #4, 5, or 6 to Astor Pl., walk E on St. Marks Pl., and down 2nd Ave.).
      Pizza: Most Ray's. Try the one on W. 11 St. & Sixth Ave. (Village) for the drippy lotsa cheese kind. John's on Bleecker bet. 6th & 7th Ave. S. has a good rep. (pies only). If it's good enough for Johnny Cash, it's good enough for me. *** If you contact me, i'll go with you & we'll call it a Serial Diners meeting.

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      1. re: cinnamon

        A knowledgeable source has just informed me that Ray's Original Pizza at W. 82 St. & Columbus Ave. has the best pizza in NYC. Take the #1 train to 79 St. and walk east to Colum. and then up to 82 St.

        1. re: cinnamon

          Not to dispute your source...well, actually, yes. I'll dispute your source. Sorry, but this place is pure shlock. In my opinion. And I'm pretty sure most opinions out there.

        2. re: cinnamon

          Interesting qaundry. We chowhounds are very very open to different ideas about food. And there are some very philosphical threads on the site as to whether a given food can indeed be considered "better" than another. I take the more relativist side. But sometimes you've just gotta blow the whistle--even if it means shooting ducks in a barrel--because novice chowhounds may be reading along and take this advice seriously.

          "Indian: Try one of the places on E. 6 St. bet. 2nd and 3rd Ave. -- the Disney World of Indian"

          No, the Wendy's of Indian. Wait, no, that's praise via faint damn. Let's just say I'd consider it unthinkable to eat so much as a single bite anywhere on this block under any circumstances. Even if literally dying of starvation, I'd summon the strength to crawl up 1st Avenue to Mcdonald's before eating on this block.

          "Pizza: Most Ray's. Try the one on W. 11 St. & Sixth Ave. (Village) for the drippy lotsa cheese kind"

          An utter nightmare. This place was for some inconceivable reason the focus of a certain amount of cretinous fandom in the early 80's, but virtually all guilty parties have quietly stepped away from that preference the way they've ditched their leisure suits and mood rings. Completely, utterly non-foodlike.

          "John's on Bleecker bet. 6th & 7th Ave. S. has a good rep. (pies only). If it's good enough for Johnny Cash, it's good enough for me."

          That says it all. Johnny, I understand, picked up his chow savvy during his stay at...what was it? Fulson Prison?

          1. re: Kass O'Lay
            Frank Furter

            Faye (and other newcomers) beware: free advice is often worth what you pay for it!

            Do take the time to search the site and get a sense of the diversity of opinion (and the wide range of NYC food experience) available on Chowhound. Remember - anyone can post here: consider the source.

            That said, even bad New York City pizza, or Indian, is probably a lot better than the best you can get in many other parts of this country.

            1. re: Frank Furter

              Thanks, Frank, for your wise words! Actually, i'm not into Ray's gloppy pizza, either, but a lot of people like it. How about Pintaile's on Second Ave. near E. 65? Also, i've never been to any of the Indian places on E. 6 St., but i know at least one (the name of which i can't remember) is supposed to be good, and prob. if i were a tourist, i'd be charmed by the street and happy with any of them. To answer everyone who bitterly disappointed me with their/his/her "you're not one of us" attitude: i thought this type of dissing only went on on snob boards like "Fine Cooking". So you disagree. Fine. I refuse to diss back. Anyway, i'm too busy eating at this great place i can't tell any of you about. :)

              1. re: cinnamon

                I can agree with the novelty value of the E.6th cluster...but my advice would be to look at the pretty lights and then move on and have dinner at Haveli, which is just a bit further on up 2nd Avenue, if you're planning to stay in the neighborhood.

                1. re: Lauren

                  I ate at Haveli once. The waitstaff couldn't keep anyone's order straight, and the food was good but inconsistent. The decor really is rather spectacular, but for really good, consistent Indian food in the East Village, go to either Madras Cafe or (if you don't care about eating in a tiny little taxi stand) Punjab.

                2. re: cinnamon
                  Frank Furter


                  If you are going to recommend a restaurant it would be helpful if you mention in your recommendation that you have never actually eaten at the place.


                  1. re: Frank Furter

                    Hear, hear.

                    This isn't about taste, and shouldn't be about name-calling. I for one would be perfectly happy to read an honest, impassioned defense of someplace I thought was lousy.

                    But whose purposes are served when you round up the usual suspects of third-rate guidebook mediocrities, and pass them off as "recommendations"? Places you haven't been to and places you yourself don't like!? That's just posting for the sake of posting. Mentioning a place because "some people like it" isn't going to cut it here, simply because that isn't useful information.

                  2. re: cinnamon

                    So, Cinammon, are you now claiming your advice was not intended to be taken seriously? I hope not. My reaction on reading it was to say "GOD DAMN!" out loud. But if your advice was not serious, couldn't you have clearly indicated that? I know when long-standing chowhounds steer people to Tad's Steaks and TGIF they are being sarcastic, but did you think we knew you well enough to discern tone of voice in your post? By the way, I am not a newbie here. I can still be reached at for now (in addition to the email address above), until I get DSL.

                    1. re: cinnamon

                      A couple of thoughts for cinnamon:

                      1. Why would you recommend places you haven't been to and not make that fact clear? Certainly if you hope to have your past or future recommendations on this site taken seriously, you should opt for full disclosure on such matters.

                      2. You say, "Actually, i'm not into Ray's gloppy pizza, either, but a lot of people like it." Why recommend something you don't even like, just because masses of people who may not care much about what they eat flock there? Why not just recommend something you know and like?

                      3. You say, "if i were a tourist, i'd be charmed by the street and happy with any of them." Uh...well, maybe when you travel, you don't care if you eat lousy food if there are lots of pretty lights. But I assume that someone visiting NY who posts here on a board where people do nothing but debate where to find the best food does so because s/he wants to eat *really good food* while here, and is willing to research it. If the poster wants Disneyworld, she can go there, or at least Times Square. And again, how can you assume that any tourist would be happy with"any" 6th St. Indian place if you have no personal knowledge of their quality?

                      1. re: cinnamon
                        steak frites

                        Just for giving those horrendous recommendations, you deserve to get dissed. And on top of that, you now say you don't like some of the places and have never been to the others. That's even worse. How can anyone take any of your future posts seriously?

                        As for being too busy eating at a place you can't tell any of us about ... I couldn't care less, your credibility is in question.

                  3. re: cinnamon

                    I have to agree with Kass. This is some of the worst advice given on this board!

                    Hey all ... cinnamon's no chowhound. He/she is a FOODIE! Yikes!