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Jun 16, 2000 09:48 AM

Substitute for Bonomo's

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Okay, it's not an exact match, but pretty darn close. Someone suggested going to a website called and checking out the candy called French Chew. I did and ordered vanilla and chocolate (they also have strawberry), as well as some Skybars (remember them?). They arrived last night and we tried a vanilla right out of the box. Put the rest in the fridge. The vanilla had exactly the right smell, flavor and texture - stretchy and chewy. Tried a chocolate after chilling it and smacking it against the side of the fridge. It broke into little pieces, just the way it's s'posed to, and was *almost* as good as the original.
So, until Tootsie Roll Industries rolls over and starts making Bonomo's again, there is at least a real close second available.
Jim - I also got a box of Quisp. Can't wait to see what all the fuss is about.

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  1. re: the Quisp, they've changed the recipe. Not as much brown sugar, not as pure a corn flavor. Balance is gone. I'm sooo bummed out.

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Good thing you told me about the recipe change. What if I'd tried it for the first time, expecting some sort of mouth miracle, based on your enthusiasm? I could have endnd up totally disillusioned, with serious questions about your taste!

      So, would you recommend a light sprinkling of brown sugar?

      1. re: Dena

        "So, would you recommend a light sprinkling of brown sugar?"

        as it says on the back of my TV: "No user-configurable parts inside"

        1. re: Jim Leff

          And I was so excited to report that I saw many boxes of Quisp for sale at either Shop n Save or Shaw's in Portland, Maine. I didn't buy it, because I'm not a fan of sweet cereal, but I was willing to send you some. Now I guess you don't want it anymore?

          1. re: DF

            That's awfully nice of you, Deborah! But I actually know where to get it hereabouts, now. It's spreading like...scooters!

            And I am sooo disappointed that they've changed the recipe...

            thanks again!


            1. re: Jim Leff
              Frank Language

              Well, I have half a box of the old Quisp (I think) sitting on the shelf, if you want it; I mail-ordered it over a year ago. I found I really didn't go for the sugar-coated cereals anymore after all.

              And that reminds me: what do people really see in scooters anyway? I think it's probably easier in the long run to just walk.