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Jun 8, 2000 11:04 AM

need good cookies etc for Hamptons

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I want to bring some yummy desserts to the Hamptons for my friends this weekend and I can't find a bakery that has great cookies and brownies... any suggestions

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  1. I really like the brownies from the Fat Witch Bakery in the Chelsea Market. They come in a variety of sizes and types so you could pack a nice sampler. Eleni's cookies are next door to Fat Witch - I haven't tried them but the aroma is very enticing. Also at Chelsea Market, closer to the 10th Ave. side, is Sarabeth's.
    Chelsea Market could be your one stop pre-trip place - flowers, wine, Amy's Bread, cookies, brownies...

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      Don't know if Brooklyn is convenient for you, but you could try Sweet Melissa's on Court St. between Butler and Douglass in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill/whatever the real estate industry is calling it this week. Their tarts and enormous cookies are always a treat and feature lots of fresh seasonal produce. For something a bit different, there's the Damascus Bakery on Atlantic Ave. between Court and Clinton. Lots and lots of really outstanding Middle Eastern pastries and cookies; their pistachio baklava is one of the best desserts I have tasted, period.

    2. Good cookies (and fruit tarts) at Black Hound on 1st Ave. @10th St.

      1. Pick 'em up while you're out there, at Kathleen's in Southhampton. About 1/4 mile sidetrip from rt. 27 (hang a right at 7-11, then it's on the right).


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          Are these the same cookies sold in the city in (as I recall) light-blue bags? If so, based on one sample bought in a deli on Broadway and 10th Street, I find them brittle and burnt.

          1. re: AHR

            They are but they aren't...
            Kalthleen's in Southampton is the original (and only) store. There cookies, pies, and all other yummy baked products are made on the premises. However, the Kathleen's products that you find in NYC and elsewhere are made in VA and trucked in. Not the same quality. IN fact, this has caused a major dispute between Kathleen and her two (VA based) partners. Causing them to fire her and she to file a law suit against the partners (two brothers) and them a counter suit against Kathleen. Kathleen's supporters have been picketing outside the store since winter and the battle is getting quite ugly.
            Her chocolate chip cookies are still great (brittle, butter kind). However this dispute has caused me to stay away.
            Elsewhere in the Hampton's (and picket-free) is Breadzilla in Wainscott, located right behind the bagel shop (the best store in the Hampton's) and The Barefoot Contessa in East Hampton.

            1. re: Brad

              I forgot the details, but I heard somewhere that the dispute has at least partly been resolved.

              MY problem with Kathleen is that my favorite cookies of hers are the ones she least likes herself, and bakes only grudgingly. I'm left with that feeling one gets when you tell a performer "man, that was an AMAZING performance" and they reply "that was the worst night I've ever had".



              1. re: Jim Leff

                From what I understand the Kathleen'sfight is still going on strong (her sister and some loyal ex-employees are the main picketers).

                However, she is still cooking - for her families farm stand. It's on Noyac Road just East of Watermill Towd Road.

                1. re: Brad

                  "However, she is still cooking - for her families farm stand. It's on Noyac Road just East of Watermill Towd Road."

                  Brad--thanks. This is exactly why I started a web site. Where else can a chowhound go to learn stuff like this??

                  1. re: Brad

                    just out of curiosity - is this the kathleen referred to on the giant "why did they fire kathleen?" poster that you seen on the left as you turn onto noyack from north sea road?

                    and if it indeed is, do you know why?