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Jun 4, 2000 03:05 AM

Tootsie roll re:(Bonomo Turkish Taffy)

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I read that Tootsie roll company bought Bonomo Turkish Taffy and stopped production. I want to find the web sight and get people to start mailing requests for production. Does anybody know the Tootsie web address?

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  1. The website has no email link that I can find. It's When I called the company, twice, to ask if they had an email address, I was put on hold and left there for so long I just hung up. If you find anything out, please, let the rest of us know.

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      i strongly agree that tootsie roll should bring back the turkish taffy. that was one of the greatest tasting candies around. i believe that our kids should sample this creamy delicious bar. Even if tootsie roll have their doubts, they should bring it back as a limited time anniversary bar and see how it does. if it catches on again then run with it. If not then ok, do whatever,but i think they should give it a chance again. I really do not think they will be disappointed.
      How can we get this message across to them? Anybody have any suggestions????

    2. I heard this, too, from the owner of Economy Candy, the great discount place on Rivington St. I'm all for pestering Tootsie to bring back Turkish Taffy. There was nothing quite as thrilling as breaking it into 1,000 sugary little pieces.