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Jun 2, 2000 07:23 AM

Goodies for Baby Boomers

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Am doing research on developing an online shop for all those impossible to find goodies from our childhood. Have gotten hundreds of ideas from helpful people as to what they are looking for. Would appreciate any input you might have. Our online shop will be opening to offer many of those long ago items we crave for now.Thanks in advance for all your help.

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  1. If you've researched this site, you'll already know one of the the big answers to this question: we want Tootsie Roll Industries to bring out Bonomo's Turkish Taffy again. Then life will be complete.

    1. If you've done your research you're probably already familiar with sites like This seems like a relatively small niche. How will your site differ?

      1. mary janes candy, bonomo turkish taffy

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          Here in NYC, I have no trouble finding Mary Janes--in bulk candy bins at little shops, in those 2/$1 bags near the counter in drugstores, and occasionally in bags in the supermarket candy aisle.

        2. Bit'o'Honeys -- I can always find Mary janes around; also those wonderful nabisco cookies that were 2 'nilla-like cookies with a dollop of marshmallow in between -- they came two slim cartons to a glossy sky blue wrapped package -- and didn't last more than 10 minutes when they got to our house...
          Those strawberry licorice rolls that you unrolled and ate verrrry slowly, or bit into 6 layers deep all at once...
          juju b's ...
          now i'm depressed...
          and looking for sugar...
          good luck.