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May 25, 2000 11:47 AM

Mystery "Peanut Butter"

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I know it's a stretch but...As a child around 1977 in Connecticut I have strong nostalgic for a peanut butter based spread with artificial banana or applely cinnamon flavors or some such desert spices that I used to enjoy. We bought it at the A&P and suddenly it was unavailable, I think my mom told me it was recalled or something but it was probably a lie to get me to eat healthier things.It is a taste that still brings a smile and I have no recollection of the products name or what happened to and it plagues me to this day.

Any help?


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  1. I may have good news for you...A few years ago flavored peanut butter was relaunched! Banana and chocolate were two of the flavors I remember being brought out, although I unfortunately don't remember the brand or product name. I also don't know if it survived past the initial launch phase, but I think it would be worth a look. In addition to the p.b. & jelly section, I'd check the kids snack section as well...I remeber this because the concept struck me, frankly, as kind of bizarre and gross.

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      Jessica Shatan

      Yes I remember that re-launching! Don't know if it stuck and often new products come out in NY later than, says, Boston.
      Maybe a quick fix is to go to Peanut Butter and Co. in NYC on Sullivan St. betw. Bleecker and W. 3rd. They have a lot of homemade PBs, and you can even get the sampler plate with about 6 PBs including a cinnamon-y one. They also have a sandwich with banana and PB.
      Good luck.
      Maybe search all the PB websites (Jiffy, Skippy, etc.) to find that relaunch.

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        Thanks for all of the help. I've been eating this Apple-Cinnamon Jif stuff that is close but needs more artificial banana/nutmegy flavor. I'll see if the PB place in the village has as you recomended.


    2. News flash - the p.b. mystery looks like it's a mystery no longer. Jif is now making "Smooth Sensations" in Berry Blend, Chocolate Silk, and Apple Cinammon, and it should be pretty readily available.

      1. I was 11 years old in 1977, lived in New Jersey and mom shopped at the A&P and I bet you're thinking of Koogle - with the "koog-koog-koogley eyes" if you remember the jingle or the funny face on the label.

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          Koogle, that name doesn't sound familiar but it sounds like the same era and the same grocery store chain. I'll begin my hunt for more info on that product. Thanks so much for the lead!