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May 20, 2000 03:29 PM


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i'm looking for a recipe for babka like you used to get in jewish bakeries in ny

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  1. I don't have a recipe, although I could probably get one by scavenging my cookbook collection or online, but I have had chocolate babka many times recently bought at Dean & Deluca in NYC. I don't know where you're posting from but you could definitely get it there and even possibly by mail. If you're intent upon baking one (I think that its quite a procedure) let me know and I'll research it.

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      Frank Language

      Babka is one of those things I'm not sure I'd bother trying to bake, just because in my neighborhood it's so available. The best I've had is Gertel's on Hester Street; it may be just that it was excruciatingly fresh that it stood out for me.(I know there's an Upper East Side location as well.) Moishe's also does a resprectable babka, and for a distant third, the Ninth Street Bakery makes one.

      (I just looked in The Ellis Island Immigrant Cookbook, and there's no recipe for babka. There is a recipe for povatica, however.)

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        O.k. I'll bite. What's povatica?

      2. re: Stefany B.

        Why is chocolate better than cinnamon?

      3. heres a link to a babka recipe from a reputable website. doesn't look too complicated if you're patient enough to work with a sweet yeast dough. Have fun!


        1. I'll email you a recipe I got from the food network 3 years ago. It's labor-intensive, and needs to bake a little longer than the recipe states, but is has a very good and old fashioned flavored.

          For a quick-fix, of a real, butter-filled and pricey babka, you can't do better than Jon Vie on 6th ave and 13th st in Manhattan

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          1. re: marion

            "Jon Vie on 6th ave and 13th st in Manhattan"

   (my near-religiously favorite address/phone look-up site) says it's at 492 E 6th St

            1. re: Jim Leff

              Nope, somebody at got it wrong. It's definitely at 492 Sixth Avenue, between 12th and 13th Streets.

              1. re: Dena

       was wrong. I'm floored. Disconsolate.

                Weird, because they did get the phone right (242-4440)

                1. re: Jim Leff

                  maybe they have a wholesale/bakery locaTION? those directories are heavily geared toward commercial users.

                  1. re: jen kalb

                    "those directories are heavily geared toward commercial users"

                    Not I've used it a thousand times. I've confirmed address/phone for all the to-check-out places on my list, and for info on places mentioned on site, etc.. I use it constantly. And this is the first time it's let me down.

                    If anybody wants my homegrown Sherlock plug-ins (it's a Mac thing) for, just drop me an email.