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May 18, 2000 10:30 AM

white chocolate wedding cake

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Looking for a good receipe for a white chocolate cake w/ raspberry filling. This probably sounds easy to all you bakers out there....but I'm a beginner. A friend of mine used to make a beautiful cake, and very delicious cake like this....butter icing?....and I would like to recreate it. any help would be appreciated. Also, any suggestions for good cook books for beginners wanting to upgrade and liven up their menus at home. thanks, deanna

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    Jessica Shatan

    You might try the website, I used it to check the recipe for Chocolate Blackout Cake that was discussed a while back on this board.

    There is a good cake cook book geared toward beginners called "One-Pot Cakes" by Andrew Schloss and Ken Bookman. It came out from Morrow a while ago so it may be hard to find but you can search Amazon or go to Barnes and Noble, they are good with older cookbooks. The idea is that the batter is made in a pot, you melt the butter and chocolate, then you take it off the stove and add the other ingredients. The thing I like about this book is that the recipes are really interesting for a beginner type book. So far I have made Devil's Food Cupcakes with White Chocolate-Cream Cheese Icing, Vanilla-Pine Nute Cake, and Double Chocolate Cake.

    Another place I have been successful making cakes out of is the general Fannie Farmer Cookbook. She is good with suggestions for variations so if the cake you want to make isn't in there (and I doubt it, because I have never heard of a white chocolate cake, per se) then you might be able to guess how to make it. I have been ver successful with her brownies and her Chocolate Birthday Cake.

    Another good cake cookbook is Maida Heater's Cakes. I may be spelling her name wrong but she is a big cookbook author, her Cakes book is filled with a lot of wild recipes and though many are difficult she is very thorough and careful in her directions.

    Another old cake pro is Carol Walters. I think her book is The Cake Bible. She has a bunch of baking books with Bible in the title. I am not familiar with the books but she is supposed to be wonderful and considered an authority. Kind of like The Joy of Cooking but for baking.

    As for cookbook recommendations for home cooking you might try: Marcella Hazan's Classic Italian Cooking, the Revised and Updated Moosewood Cookbook or maybe a Silver Palate cookbook if you don't have one, already. I have this "El Paso Chili Company South of the Border Cookbook" by Norma & Park Kerr that is really fun and the recipes come out great (About 7 chilis, great salsa, grilled chicken salad with margarita mayonaise, fun baked goods: Border Brownies made with mexican [spiced] chocolate, blueberry cornbread pudding, lemon-lime cookies).
    I have always wanted to try one of Rozanne Gold's Cooking 1-2-3 books. The gimmick here is every recipe uses only 3 ingredients (not incl. salt/pepper) but that the recipes are great. I tried a sweet potato recipe of hers that I got off the web that used sweet potato, fresh ginger and orange (the zest and some juice) and it was puréed and divine.
    Again, Barnes & Noble can be a good place to peruse.
    Good luck!

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      First off, I do not have a recipe for white choc wedding cake. The quite-good Baker-Boulanger baking site linked below might give you some good baking ideas.
      For American Style cake recipes generally, IMO nothing beats the old 1950 Betty Crocker Baking Book which is back in print in replica form. We baked the silver cake (I think its called) for my wedding years ago and no white cake surpasses it. As for other baking books, I think Jessica is referring to Rose Berenbaum's Cake Bible. I have not used it, but she has developed some interesting approaches to cake making. Her stuff is mostly not for beginners, however. Maida Heatters dessert books are very reliable and produce delicious stuff (I have used maily the first ones Great Desserts and More Great Desserts - maybe her Chocolate Desserts book has some white choc recipes. If you are just starting out or even if you are not, Richard Sax's Home Desserts tome is a wonderful dessert book, filled with lots of relatively simple recipes, not ambitious chef/caterers stuff. Christopher Kimball and The Cook's Magazine people have been big into working on recipes for classic cakes - in addition to putting out a couple of cookbooks, they have in print some mini-cookbooks and special pamphlets - maybe one is on cakes.
      Ill post something later on other good cookbooks, but Jessica, I tried that sweet potato recipe on thanksgiving - my family really hated it! I thought the raw ginger flavor was much too crude - maybe the proportions were wrong in our rendition.


      1. re: jen kalb
        Jessica Shatan

        So, Rose Levy Berenbaum is the "Bible" person? I got all mixed up. I was thinking of Carol Walter's though. So, check out both and see which you like.
        Re: sweet potato puree....I have to look at the recipe again. I may have used a little less ginger out of laziness (I hate grating ginger) and I may have thrown in an extra sweet potato, too, as I tend to get a little more rather than less when I weigh that stuff....

        1. re: Jessica Shatan

          Nice day for a white chocolate wedding cake. By the way, you can put your ginger through a garlic press.