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May 11, 2000 09:31 AM


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Okay, I am so sorry to ask...
My graduation ceremony is being held at Lincoln Center in a couple weeks on a Monday night. It will run late (9:30ish). I am looking for a place to celebrate. Willing to go further up or down. Made reservations for Ruby Foo's but after reading the posts on here I am going to cancel. Any ideas? Not too pricey. I hate these types of questions too, but I am struggling here. I am not too crazy about the chow on the UWS.
Thanks in advance,

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  1. Picholine - a great specail occassion restaurant. Try the horseradish crusted salomon (I usually avoid salmon at reastaurants, but not here) and the legendary cheeses.

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      Congrats to you

      How about Calle Ocho? I hear the food's great, waitstaff interesting and the place buzzes.

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        ok, others have posted positively about Calle Ocho, but your anonymous post - buzz, "interesting waitstaff" - really!- reeks of flackery (sp?). If you *are* somehow connected to the restaurant, youre doing the place a disservice if you don't come clean about the connection.

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          I'm really not connected to the restaurant. Haven't been there myself and so can't elaborate on actual food, but friends I whose taste I trust have enjoyed it so much on those levels that I thought I'd put a quick post... sorry to sound like a pr flack.

    2. picholine - you should easily get a reservation for that hour, and you can read all about it here using the search engine, or look it up in jims book.

      theres always cafe des artists as well, not great, but competent and some decent, well priced wines.

      1. Congrats: Where best to go should be based upon food/chow considerations as affected by your company. If you are going with parents, Picholine is a great choice, but I wouldn't take them to Calle Ocho, which is a bit of a yuppie scene and very noisy (not that there's anything wrong with that). If you are going with classmates, I'd go to Calle Ocho or Cafe Luxembourg. A good place to combine the two is Gabriels. Cafe des Artistes is a bit stuffy for a celebration of that type. If you go to Picholine, save room for the cheese course, and don't eat too many breadsticks at the bar.