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May 1, 2000 02:55 PM

White Chili and Mint Sorbet

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Hi. I am looking for good sources of White Chili and Mint Sorbet (not both at the same restaurant) in New York City (will travel to different boroughs as needed!). I used to live near Cleveland and a little diner near Lorain, Ohio, called Sal & Al's had fabulous white chili made with chicken, sour cream, and white beans (Great Northern or something else). I am not satisfied with the white chili at Burritoville and one other restaurant I found here was way too expensive (in one of the highest ranges in Zagats). Suggestions would be much appreciated! I have lived in NYC for 4 years and have yet to see any (other than at Burritoville).

Also, a friend told me that she had divine mint sorbet somewhere about 15 years ago but hasn't seen it since. Suggestions would be much appreciated.

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  1. Can't vouch for quality, as I haven't been there in years, but I think the Manhattan Chili Co., just off Broadway around 44th or so has white chili.

    1. Four and five years ago I had amazing mint sorbet--clear, fresh spearmint flavor, most refreshing dessert I've ever had--at Union Square Café. It wasn't on the menu the few times since I've eayen there, but it's been a while. I've always meant to try and replicate it at home, but have never got around to it (it's *not* in their cookbook). If you find they have it, you could eat at the bar and just have dessert, not a whole meal.

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        The very overpriced Grace's Marketplace on 71st and 2nd has quite the array of specialty ice creams and sorbets. They have what appears to be homemade sorbet for sale, in flavors available according to the season. I'm sure they cost an arm and a leg, but I bet you can find mint sorbet there. What's more, I believe they have a website, (or something), that possibly could tell you whether they stock it or not.

        You know what? I bet you could make mint sorbet very cheaply...I've seen several recipes for sorbet that require very simple ingredients, and often do not require an icecream maker. Good luck!

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        Elizabeth Norman

        Thank you so much for the suggestions for both white chili and mint sorbet. I really appreciate it! I will let you know how my excursions work out.