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Apr 30, 2000 10:26 AM

Casual lunch in Little Belgium

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I need a good place to get a nice casual lunch of Belgian cuisine, and of course a great beer list. Where can I get this, in litle Belgium?

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  1. What and where is Little Belgium? I've never heard of it before. Is it a neighborhood in/around NYC?

    Regarding Belgian cuisine, TimeOut New York magazine ran the following in an A-Z to NYC ethnic food:

    W is for waterzooi
    For such a puny country, Belgium, with its mix of French, German and Scandinavian influences, has a surprising number of signature dishes. Try mussels, pomme frites and...waterzooi. A serious food with a funny name, waterzooi literally means "water waste" and is traditionally a creamy stew of leeks, root vegetables and whatever seafood scraps happen to be lying around. (A chicken version also makes an occasional appearance.) It's easy to see why Café de Bruxelles, one of several restaurants that have mounted the Flemish invasion on lower Manhattan, features waterzooi (renamed "seafood casserole Belgian-style," for American sensibilities; $17.50) on its menu. It's a steaming potion of monkfish, salmon, mussels, assorted shellfish and more cream than a dairy—good for warming your insides and putting a little padding on your outsides.—BM
    118 Greenwich Ave at W 13th St, 212-206-1830. Subway: A, C, E to 14th St; L to 8th Ave.

    Let's hope the author knows more about food than he does about geography. He speaks of a Scandinavian influence as if he also skis the Swedish Alps! For the entire article go to the URL below.